Our Fleet
main fleet


large wrecker medium wrecker
Large Wrecker

Century 1060S
60 ton 3 stage Rotating Boom
with a drag winch wrecker.
The Ultimate Recovery and Lifting Machine
(like a crane).
Medium Duty Wrecker

Century 3212 16 ton wrecker
with 12,000 pound side puller
capable of towing anything
from a car to a 40' motorhome.


large wrecker medium wrecker
Ramp Truck

21' Vulcan steel ramp truck
with wheel lift.
Vehicle Hauler.
Service Van

Ford Service Van
loaded with all road service parts
for on the road repairs.
It has all tool needs, air compressor, torches, etc.
It's also an accident support vehicle for cleanup.


large wrecker medium wrecker
Recovery Response Trailer

for fuel pumping and removal, cleanup supplies,
hand tools, chain saw, containment pools, etc.


main fleet
Bobcat and Trailer

for load removal or shifting of loads,
with pickup sweeper for speedy road cleanup


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